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23 12 2010




Adi is gone, site is shut down

23 10 2010

Sorry Adi, you are off. TeachingĀ little kids some of the words you use isn’t a very good idea.

I’m tired of looking around for authors, and the ones I find hardly ever post. I’m just changing back the site to what it was before any other authors, and I’m just never going to post agian. Sorry if anyone’s dissappointed.

Signing off for good,


P.S. Also, I heard this adi had been trying to bring back cpm, so here is the official CPM link I found from like, 3 or 4 years ago. I’m sure non of you could use these costumes since they are from such a long time ago.


New author

10 09 2010

Hello to everyone who still visits this blog. I recently checked the views and I’m still getting nearly just as many views as I did while I worked on the blog.

anyway, I just added a new author who wanted to work on the site. Good luck!



16 04 2010

yokey, you havent posted in a few weeks, if you want to be the edidor of this blog, please do it. If not, just tell me and I’ll remove you.

new authors

10 03 2010

Hi, I’d just like to post that i found a few new authors to continue this site. If anyone out there still reads this blog, he is yokey 77. I’m surprised that since the last time I came on I’ve gotten 1,000 hits, even though I quit the site. Anyway, the sites back up if the new author still wants it. I’ve instructed him to not delete any of my past work. I spent a year of my life wasted on this CP junk, and I don’t want a year of my life just deleted.

So long, I’m not sure if I’ll post again



15 11 2009

Okay, no one wanted the site, so I’m just going to let it sit here and rot. If you do want it, I’ll add you as an author, maybe editor. Sorry no admin, I’ve spent a year (wasted) making it, and I don’t want a year of my life deleted. Surprisingly, people are still visiting, I’ve gotten over 20 in the last week (it’s been abandoned now a year). Happily, the year I haven’t been playing and doing this junk (to me) my life has gotten significantly better. Good luck to all of you realizing that this game is dumb because disney ruined what was good about it to kids under 12 and hopefully finding new more fun things to do. I’ll post something every few months, feel free to comment or leave advertisement, I don’t mind. I sadly know all about CP from early 2009 and before that, feel free to ask any q’s, I’ll reply up to a few months after you make it. Bye.

up for grabs

19 04 2009

I’m guessing now that since you guys have stopped posting, that this blog is going dormant. I have decided to close it down and delete the other posters on this site. I’ve put years of work into this, and now I’ve decided to close it down. I won’t delete it, but I’m no longer going to post on it. If you would like this site, please e-mail me at rickkix@gmail.com. It was a great site, but now sonce there are a million other ones, there no need for another smaller cheat site.

Goodbye, and thanks for visiting all these years!