30 03 2008

Hey, today I made my very own gang. I went to the town and started hovering with my beanie, and saying come fly with me! i got like ten people to come, then people started saying go to the ice berg, and when I got there, there was like 20 guys! Everyone was red, and the people who weren’t were gunned down by snowballs.Pretty soon it was a war. Here are some pics I took. I also remade and exact replica of my party. Here they are

the flying squad

heres my party replica:


Also,I don’t think I’m going to have a make-up party. Maybe I’ll just have a really big 3,000 hits party.





29 03 2008

Hey, its me, and so far my sis ice558 and uding. If you want to be friends with me, say hey darth and ill add you.

I am currently: leaving the party before even an hour of it. Only about 2 people showed up, besides family and people I contacted about it today. Also, I won’t be having another party until 3,000 hits. And if no one shows up to that, I’m not having another one ever again.

Soryy if I sound mean, but i’m kind of frustrated becuase I talked about this for two whole weeks and spent over 20,000 coins on my igloo and went through hours of planning. I even stayed up till twelve last nigh doing this stuff. I’ll try to have a make-up party since I guess that everyone was busy, maybe 3:30 on monday on matterhorn? I’ll post more tommorow on it.

But if you still want to see me, im on mamoth with uding.


29 03 2008

SUP??? TODAY IS MY AWESOME PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! It starts at my igloo, which will be on the map, we will be wearing any kind of party hat or crown (member or non-member), it is at two pst (look at snow forts clock for it), we will be playing hide and seek (u have to find me), find four, sled racing, talking with newspapers, and maybe even walking on walls! I will post how to do it right now so you can do it at the party. This was made by boulderdash.wordpress.com, so thanks boulder dash!!! Here is the video so you can do it too! Also, only a few people can see this. I am going to figure out what you have to do to get other people to see you doing it right before the party with my sister. we are testing it on tundra at the sports shop and at the town at about 1:30 pst. Also, I just went to see how much my blog is worth and it said https://darthrichi96.wordpress.com is worth almost 3,000 dollars!!! Lastly, wwe adam is coming to my party unless he accidentaly forgets. And, the green puffles are still on the test servers. Try walking on the walls with them. Here is the vid.

This only works for microsoft and windows, and dont be on http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf, but dont click F11, or it wont work. There is an arrow next to the magnifying glass, that is what you click to get the custom zoom, and it works best on 500-1,000. I tested the lighhouse with my friend purplejhon, and he said to walk down the wall, get on the giant picture left of the one of rockhoppers and click and the area where the bottom of the stairs are. this will make it so people see you walking down, and not just u. I am currently testing the sports shop with my sister, and I will post that later. I will be posting April fools and my party pictures after each party. Hope you like my igloo!

Update: Sorry, I also forgot to mention that rockhopper’s ship is almost complete except for where the iceberg hit.




(by wweadam)


29 03 2008

YO!!! THE APRIL FOOL PARTY IS FINNALY HERE!!! Here are the cheats:

The pin (crayon) is on the mine shack, you have to connect the dots on the cards to make the mine shack, and then the crayon appears.

The night club is pixel, and if you want to make the rest of the island pixel, press the +/= key, this also works all the time.

 There is a new game that is astro barrier and thin ice combined at the lounge.

The swirley glasses I told you about are at the cove in a  box.

The red propeller cap is at the ski village.

The sport shop is decorated how it was on glow day.

At the ice berg, it is actually in a pan melting. with aqua grabber on it with the hook frozen inside it. This also real life, not animated.

If you go on the test servers, heres the link: http://test.clubpenguin.com, you are a green puffle, but only for today (friday). I will post some pics tommorow to show you. You can also wear clothes on them too. To eat, bathe, eat a cookie, or sleep, throw a snowball. To get on the tricicle, press wave. To dance, press S in any direction. It’s collest when you face backwards and press S on a treadmill because it looks like your running on it. And to fly with the beanie, press D.

And the really big news is that tommorow is the huge party!!!  It is on Tundra at 2pst, for getting a thousand hits, wear a party hat if you have one, we will be playing games like hide and go seek, find four, and sled racing. The party starts at my igloo, and do your best to get there right at 2pm so you dont miss anything! I will make a post on my blog to tell you what I am currently doing, so open up another tab with my blog, and look every time i dissapear from the group. Refresh you internet so you get the newest info.



P.S. I have invited wwe adam to the party!


27 03 2008

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for a while, I have one again, been pretty busy. i checked out wwe adam’s site today and he has posted another cheat. The mods will probably fix it soon so… here it is:1. Join a sled racing game thats not already full of people. Basically, join a game that’s still waiting for players to join.

2. Now open your player card and put on or take off any clothing item. Close your player card.

3. You should now be standing up in the tube! Test this out with your friends to see if it worked.

Nothing is new with the testing so far. They haven’t even been updating the cpip blog! http://blog.clubpenguin.com/cpip. The newest thing is that they now have a wallpaper to download, and here is the picture:


Pretty lame huh?

In new news, there are two new parties coming out on CP, the april fools party this weekend, and MY FREAKIN’ AWESOME BLOWOUT PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the picture of the April Fool’s party will have done to the pet shop (this is seriously what it will look like:


And here is that other hint I said I would post about my party: club. There are three types of clubs you know: club penguin, night club, and cave men club, but you can probably guess what it is. I MIGHT post part of what my igloo will look like on friday if u really want to know.

Today i was looking at the fist posts on the club penguin blog, the ones about the beta testers. This brings up another cheat: I think what club penguin used to look like right before the first week of beta testing was what it looks like if you click the +/= sign on your keyboard. If you look at the comments on those posts though, you can see some of the beta tester’s names.

Lastly, a reminder about my party: It is at 2:00pm pst. You can look at the time at the snow forts. It is on the server tundra, but if it is full, I’m switching it to matterhorn. If its full on tundra for you or matterhorns full, go on it after 2:00 and if my name isnt under the member igloos, I’m at the other server. But I will be going to Tundra for sure as long as it isn’t full. It is also during the april fools party so we will be going around cp looking at the stuff and playing games sled racing and and find four. I will be accepting at least 40 buddy requests, so if you want to be my buddy, say DARTH in caps and I will add you, or you can ask me just to be sure I get you. Please wear some kind of party hat (because they are totally awesome, and to know your in my group), and if you don’t have one, wear the item coming out on april fools (thanks ice drills! I also got this on snowdobby’s blog): The swirly glasses. Also, another item coming out later that is free is an angel halo, and one for members is a bling bling medalion (probably chains).

Here are some future colors for your penguin coming to cp (by mohd222):


There is also a party right after mine, it is for fotis01, the newest member of snowdobby’s blog. here’s the invetation:


(sorry if it’s blurry) 



Update: I just looked at my blog, and we have 1,200 hits! Great job!

Also, the flame in the lantern at the mine is now moving! It doen’t just sit there.

NEW STUFF (eggs)

21 03 2008

The Easter party is here and here are the cheats: First, you get the bunny hood by collecting all the eggs, and here are the eggs:

1: the first egg is inside the lantern in the mine shack:

egg 1

The second egg is on the poll in the dock:

egg 2

The third egg is (I made this one silly) in the pet shop in a cage:

puff egg

The fourth egg is at the book room and looks like a cactus:

egg 4

the fifth egg is in the gift shop on the poster:

egg 5

The sixth egg is disguised as a light bulb in front of the stage:

egg 6

Egg 7 is very easy, open the box on the green table and it pops out:

egg 7

Finnally, egg 8 is in the dojo and is is a ninja egg! It teleports to make it even harder (I also made this one funny) :

egg 8

These are the eggs, and today I’m going to be working on my igloo for the HUGE BLOWOUT PARTY!!! Keep telling people about this. Try to post comments on other peeps blogs about my website and party. PLEASE? Here’s a hint, medieval. I will release another hint later this week.

Speaking of igloos, the new furniture catalogue is out. For some reason, they didn’t come out with a new igloo catalogue. Here are the secrets for the igloo catalogue:

The fish bowl is hidden on the describing section of the snow globe igloo, the secret deluxe stone igloo is hidden is hidden on the door of the deluxe snow igloo and is 5,000 coins, and the plain stone igloo is currently unknown. In the igloo catalog, the concert lights are hidden on the home stereo, and the pipe organ is hidden on the piano.

There is a possible club penguin game for Nintendo DS (probably WI-FI) and if it is real, this is what it will look like:




new news

20 03 2008

Hey, tomorrow is the easter egg hunt and I hope that its gone be a big one! I will tell you where the eggs are hidden tomorow and the new clothing catalog is coming out tomorow too, so get ready for some easter or april fools day themed items! Also, at the beach, the hull of the migrator is being put in. Wave your mouse over the winch thingy on the ground to place it in. The April fools party stars on march28 and ends april 2nd, so this week is packed with a lot of things to do! Most of the parts that were recovered from the aqua grabber are put back on the ship (including flag, or “miniboat”) The last part you see where there is cracked wood is where the iceberg crashed into the ship. Also, scroll down a few posts to see the info on my massive party. HELP ME MAKE IT A BIG ONE!!!