CP Party Glitches

I quit this because there aren’t any more glitches in parties, club penguin is good at everything now that they have Flash CS4.

This is my new page about club penguin parties that have happened and are going to happen. I will list all the glitches and cheats since there will be a few ones that last the whole party.  I made this instead of adding all of these to the cheats and glitches page because the parties only last a week. I list the current party and the older ones under it.

 Fall Fair 2008

Cheat one: Infinite tickets. First, go to dick and click on the spin the wheel game. Next, start to play it and spin the wheel 2 times. Try to get over 10 tickets. Now click the Tab button two or three times so a button yellow box comes up around the end game button. Now hold down Enter. This constantly repeats sending how many tickets you got into your account 2 times a second! You can get as much coins as you want doing this! Just get under one million for risk of getting banned. Pictures below:

Cheat 2. Walk under lighthouse beacon decorations. First, walk up to the lighthouse beacon  to the bottom right of it near the slide, it is highlighted yellow in the picture. Then click where the red highlighted area is in the picture to walk right under the decorations of the lighthouse. Picture below:

Cheat 3. Walk behind booths. Go to the booth in the forest, and stand to the right of it. Click high enough over the booth so that it doesn’t light up, then you walk right through it! All you see is your name and and speech balloons. You can also click right of it and slowly click to go around the booth. People see you both ways, and it is VERY fun! Here’s a pic:

Cheat 4: Walk above trampoline on the trees in member circle. First, go to the cove and go through the entrance guraded by rainbow booth (only members can). Next, click on the two boxes in the picture, and then, you are wlaking on the trees above the trampoline! Make sure you click when the game isn’t liten up! It only lites up when your mouse is on it. Picture:

That’s all for now! You’ll have to wait for the next party!


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