the key and a new game!

28 04 2008

The key is hidden at the back of rockhopper’s journal! here are some pics:

The sports catalog is also out and they have a baseball theme. I don’t think they have any hidden items.

If I havn’t posted this yet, the new igloos are out, and the hidden igloos are secret stone igloo hidden on the crowbar or somewhere else on the floor removal page, and the secret stone deluxe igloo is hidden on the secret stone igloo door.

The pin is a tresure chest at the ski village, which you dig up with the shovel on the right.

The free items you can get right now is: rainbow bracelet, room key, sailer hat at plaza, shirt at dock, background from rockhopper, and the treasure chest pin.

I also included a before and after picture of  the  spoiler billybob gave us and the real thing.

The new game is a treasure hunting game that is easy to learn how to play. Bye.


rockhopper’s key

26 04 2008

Hey, I just spent a half hour on paint editing Rockhopper’s key that was previewed in the newspaper and will be hidden on monday for you to find and get into rockhopper’s room with. Here it is.

posting soon

25 04 2008

 There is a new sports catalog out and the RH party he’s here with three free items. Shirt, old hat, and pin. Post Later bye

was I right or what?

22 04 2008

Man I was so right about this new mission! It is all about the clocks breaking down! Read what Billybob said:

Clock.jpg Today a brand new mission was released for Secret Agents! It’s top secret stuff, and you have to be an agent to get the details! But even if you’re not an agent, you would have noticed some strange events taking place in Club Penguin right now with the Clock Tower breaking down–that’s part of what the new mission is about! Of course, you’ll only get the whole story if you complete the mission!


Let us know what you think should happen next!


Until then…waddle on!


-The Club Penguin Team

The mission is out now, and here’s a walkthrough!

The new clothing catalouge came out, there is a new garden igloo, garden and plant items, and grass. This will be great for hosting sports games in your igloo. Sometime I might list how to make a football stadium in your igloo that looks good when I get alot of free time.

Here are the secrets (pictures from

click the palm tree to but it

the cake is “in” the refrigerator

The big screen TV has been replaced by a security camera and is a hidden item again, it’s on the LCD TV, but that takes the place of the concert lights, so now they’re in clearance and won’t plobably come back for a year!

Click the crowbar for the stone igloo, and click the snow igloo door for the deluxe stone igloo.

secret stone igloo.



what’s in now

18 04 2008


I got this off wwe adam’s pengspace, and it was made by Lime 310 i guess- new newspaper is out, but there is not a SWF for it so I can’t let you see it without logging in. 

newspaper and secret agents mission 7

17 04 2008

Hey guys the newspaper came out today and here is everything about it:

The new newspaper is out, but there is not a SWF for it so I can’t let you see it without logging in.

All the clocks in club penguin have broken down, and the newspaper says that it was caused on purpose but no one knows why. I know! I am 100% sure that the polar bear homie guy and the crab from the recent mission broke them and in the new mission you fix them.

The catalogue comes out tomorrow  and they have made a garden for your igloo  that takes up the lower half of your split level. I’m not sure if it’s  a carpet type thing or a whole new igloo. Also, I would be smart and buy the stuff on clearance like the Mexican fiesta stuff because its not coming for another year.


I’m running late so I’ll post pictures tonight.



new servers are up!

15 04 2008

Hey, the new servers are up, I’ll post more tommorow!

I also somehow got onto the new club penguin site before they had put it back online! That means I was the first person to actually use the club penguin homepage and see everything that happened on it! How lucky was I? The dark blue on the logo has been replaced with a lighter blue too.

Here is a picture of the new servers:

At the top of the pic there is a penguin head, that is club penguin’s new avatar instead of the penguin with the snorkel and sombrero.

The server test items will be coming out in a week at it’s fastest. They keep saying that they haven’t gotten their “special thing that will do it yet”.

I’m sorry about my friends site sheenboy (Purplejhon’s brother). He hasn’t posted once yet, and I really mean it now, I’m going to call him and try to get him to make a post.

I will also start the movie of the week on DOTHECHILL either today or by Sunday.