password post

30 10 2008

I password protected the post underneath this one. The password is holloween. there are no spaces or capitals. It is for where the holloween candies are. I did this just in case someone wants to find them theirselves without help. Also, ninjas are back, go to the dojo and wait for proof. I’l talk more later. Bye.

Password: holloween

I had to get this of of ojoc’s blog, because it appears for a helf second, and my pic taker takes that long. It’s too hard to mach up.

they brought them back because everyone likes ninjas and they got too many complaints. The ninjas will look like my avatar, and it will most likely be for members because all Disney thinks about it money, money, money. They don’t care about us kids, they just want to make sure thay get their 5 million paychecks every two weeks. Literally. They rack in close to a million dollars a month or more from club penguin, plus all the other stuff they have, they get so much money a day. So now all of the good stuff in CP is only for members, such as the hidden room, and the arcade circle from the fall fair. They’re all reasons for them to get 6$ from you a month.


Protected: Holloween Secrets

29 10 2008

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

watex and email and party review

27 10 2008

Hey, i would just like to tell you guys that my email is broken. I don’t know how, but whenever I get a signal that says you have 2 e mails, I don’t have any. I’ve been getting a lot, but none show. So I have to get a new email, I can send some out, but to respond you have to comment on the site.

Next is the party review. I think it was pretty untraditional. I has always been in the coffee shop, and I would like it to stay there. I also think there should have been a box of party hats and not having them in the cake. Some positive stuff is that I loved the dance floor. Here’s a pic:

I also think that the party hat should have been two colors like the rest, and I would like to see improvements next year. I have some ideas of who my authors for the site will be, and if you would like to be one and have my site, just comment below.

i would like to tell you that watex’s blog is permanently kicked, I’ve gotten news from his new blog and friends, I’m trying to talk to him about it, but my email is down so i can’t talk to him yet. Bye.

yes I’m leaving and party postponed

24 10 2008

Yes a am leaving club penguin if you saw the last post. I’m not deleting the blog, I am just bored with club penguin. I am tired of posting and doing all of this stuff for a game that I don’t really like. The only thing i like doing is edits and finding cheats. So i won’t delete the blog, instead i will pick two new authors for the site and will add them on the aniverrsary of the blog. I will continue having the best cheats and edits around, and I will keep making new ones. You will have more now since I won’t have to waste time posting. I am having to post pone the party also. I don’t have any time today for it, plus I messed up all of the infor mation. I will have the party thursday before holloween. I will give out the rest of the info later. it will also be my good-bye party since I’m leaving, so that will be the last time to see me. The party hat is three colors, and I updated the pin widget too.

So long!


party update

22 10 2008

sorry, im seeing some friends fridasy, and I have to switch the time of the party to 11AM PST on October 24th. Go to club penguin’s blog to get a pic of the new party hat, it is multicolored. I hop they don’t use it.

New portugese servers and my party

17 10 2008

Rockhopper is here! There is also a new portugese option for the site. I will have more stuff, but once again I am rushed. Posting more tommorow. I amalso posting what I have so far of my party invite. We have about 6,000 hits now!

The catalog has no hidden items that I know of, but they have a sailor’s dress and a boy’s outfit.

I also have the date for my party, and I think I will be a member for one month for it too.Here is the invite:

Also, be sure to go to DirkD’s party! Also, make sure you attend mine.


elite penguin force game shots

14 10 2008

look what I found on chewy’s website! Screenshots of the new game coming out Nov.11!

In the upper screen, your player card shows and the room your in. In the bottom screen you can walk around the room and play games. Also the the bottom screen is the touch screen so you can play games with the DS pen.

As you can see, the controls of the game are in the bottom screen and the action is on the upper screen.

Here is another picture of the beacon, in this place you can play jet pack adventure.

Here is a picture of a penguin playing the jet pack adventure.

You can go to the pizza parlor and make your own pizza and also buy your own pizza.

Here is the latest picture revealed, the new nintendo DS cover – Club Penguin: Elite penguin force cover

I also got a new banner for the site. It didn’t use to be free, but now it is! So I just got one.