two weird things

31 08 2008

Hey guys, I think I might have gotten hacked, because when I got on the blog, it said I had someone else working for me called ranger14. I never said he could help, so that’s pretty weird. If you know this guy or if he comes to the blog, could you tell him not to do that ever again?

Second, I found a glitch in club penguin. If you go to the soccer field, the ball doen’t roll like it used to. It just moves around but doen’t roll. Weird huh?

We still need betas on ninja island, and I’ll add people to the blog, I just want me doing it and not other people. It’s pretty hard to maintain a blog on your own when it’s your pretty busy. Also, I don’t think my friend posts anymore, so I’ll let someone come to my blog if they would like to. I’m kind of bored with cp now, because it’s just too overdone, and it’s very kiddish. I don’t want all of my blog’s work to go to waste, so I’ll still post for you guys, you just won’t see me walking around on club penguin anymore.

I also changed my avatar from my penguin outfit to a ninja mask. I’ll probably change it later to a ninja penguin to match ninja island and this blog, but right now it’s kind of cool!





31 08 2008

YAY! My hits have doubled¬† this week! We got and average of 40 hits a day! We are doing really good! Once we get 5,000 I’ll have a huge party for the celebration of having the blog for a year, and getting 5,000 hits! Thanks for making it possible! Remember, bring all of your friends to the site! Everyone is invited! Since we are doing better and ninja island is pretty good so far, I’ll get started on a new funny picture and I’ll make an advertising page where you can post the link to your blog!

Nothing is new in cp right now, except that they are keeping the football field for a month or so. Right now, that means that the walk on walls cheat at the icerink is inactive because it doesn’t look as cool at the penguin stadium. It is also the 150th penguin times newspaper is out! I think I have some pictures of the 100th. If I find them, I’ll post them here today or tommorow.

Ninja island: Ninja island is a new multiplayer game coming out in a month, that will be somewhat like club penguin. Me and some other people are designing it and using Flash to make it. go to this link to see news about it: We really need some betas to help us with glitches and ideas, so go to the site and just comment and we’ll put you as a beta. All you have to do is put the site in your blogroll or go to other blogs and post the link in a comment or tell your friends or anything to help us advertise. It’s worth it! betas will get two special items when the game comes out that will never come back.I’ll work on some more pictures for them to post on both blogs.

Lastly, if you have any ideas on how I should improve the blog, just commetn and tell me. Thanks a lot!



catalog and pin

30 08 2008

I don’t have time to post, so this is from the site

Click on the lava lamp for the blender.

Click on the piano for the guitar stand.

New pin

30 08 2008

Hey people, It’s Uding. I know i haven’t posted in a long time, but i thought i’d do my friend a favor.It’s about a couple of things.

1.The ice rink is still a soccer field, even though the party is over

2. The new pin. It’s at the boiler room, and it’s a picture of the 150th newspaper, so i guess it’s important.

And last of all,

3. new catalog for igloo decor. and , a secret, the guitar stand is on the piano.

ninja island and apologgy

28 08 2008

sorry i haven’t posted much, to make it up to you, I’ll make a new pic. It’s just that I’m kinda bored with CP now and school is super hard this year so I won’t have much time. But, I’m going to help some guys make a new game ninja island like CP, but with ninjas. I’m just bored with CP because they’ve make it so that pretty much 5-10 year olds will like it. It used to be 6-14, but now since Disney bought it they’ve kicked off the 14 and put on 10. So I’ll post for it on the blog but I’m only going on to take pics and get coins if a new catalog comes out. Also, I might sell some of my penguins for a dollar or two if you guys want them… they’re very rare!


olymic games for penguins!

22 08 2008

Hey, the penguin olympics came out today. You can get the facepaint now, the red is in the coffee shop, and the blue is at the pizza parlor. Thry are at a booth.

Once you beat every competition, you get a medal.

You have to satand under every lite for it to count you as finishing the race.

Pictures coming soon!


ninja island and best cheat ever!

20 08 2008

Hey guys! I’ve come up with the best cp cheats this week on my own! They both belong to me and if you want to put them on your blog you have to give me full credit and say “I got this cheat from since he discovered it. If you don’t and i catch you, I will tell wordpress and they will ban your blog. Not trying to be mean, but I would like credit for my work, okay? Also, go under this post to see about the new multiplayer game ninja island!

Cheat one, how to walk on walls!

Optional: wear a mask and black and say you’re a ninja!¬† Okay, first, go to the ice rink and stand in the center, do this as fast as possible, and click on the the trees above the exit and then hurry quickly nd click the mail button. Wait a few seconds and then X out, and PRESTO! You are walking on the wall! You can dance, wave, or throw snaowballs up there, but don’t move or click somewhere else because it takes you down or to the snow forts, this isn’t a hack so you shouldn’t get banned.

Second cheat, do the moon walk. I’m not sure if others see thiss, but click the dance button, and whenever your penguin sticks his left foot out then the right, click D again and he repeats it, making him look like he’s walking in spot! This isn’t a hack and I don’t know how long it will stay.

This was discovered by me, so once again you have to give me all the credit and give a link to my site nxt to it. Thanks!