Sneak Peek 3

30 03 2009

Hi this is Firz posting on a Monday!!!!!

Clubpenguin released an April fools sneak peek. 
This Wednesday will be April 1st, which means April Fools Day! In celebration of April Fools Day Club Penguin has a party for April Fools every year! If you didn’t take part in last years party, make sure you come on out and have a blast this year! There will be special boxes,  and some special things for members.


Which year was your favorite April Fools Party?

It’s one of my fave parties. 


Puffle Cards

29 03 2009

Clubpenguin have announced they’ll soon be releasing clubpenguin puffle cards.  You can play with them at home and enter them to get card-jistu cards


They’ll be out sometime in April. 

Also Clubpenguin DS is now available (in English) in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland! It’ll be available in several places including Top Toys and Elgiganten. They’re still working on getting it into Australia. 

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27 03 2009

Hi everyone loads has been happening on clubpenguin lately. 

First up the pin is a top hat and is at the lodge attic. 


And 2 new shops selling items we could already buy have opened.  (useless)

The first is a fishing shop at the ski lodge


And there’s a surf shop at the covecove-shop


And best of all (for members) the dojo has finaly released more items there’s a white gi (Translates as suit) and a tea table. 


That’s it for now


New items!

27 03 2009

CP made some new ninja items, which to tell the truth, I think they are too “unninja”. Well anyway, all you ninjas go load up, we dont know when the next catalog will come!

new banner+ opologies

23 03 2009

Sorry Ven that I annoyed you. I was aggravated with you and myself. I kind of ment you could have Yesguy’s position and be the CEO, but I’m still the owner, and things have to pass through me first. I should’ve told you that. Sorry. Next time just ask me, and you’re still an admin.

In other news I made a new header for the site. I’m now also accepting any requests from people who would like the site. I’ll automatically boost you to author, and after a few weeks of good work, I’ll add you as an editor. Only me and Venzr will ever be admins from now on.



P.S. I’ve abandoned the original like, and I’m now using They take you to the same place.

Header Trouble On My Site!

23 03 2009

Hey guys! Sora273 Here. I am having a poll on my site for which header I should use. If you have lost my link than here it is:



22 03 2009

Hi everyone this is Venzr.
Darthrichi96 relegated me to an editor for redesigning his blog and adding new authors. I was quite annoyed as I didn’t do anything wrong. Anyway I’m going to leave this blog because I’m angry and might do something extremely damaging to the blog so bye.

Anyway my sites better so please visit it on one of the following urls.


And my Ninja Strike blog