Glitches and Cheats

Hey, these are a few cheats that will help you get cash and have fun in Club Penguin.

-I apologize for posting hacks on this site. I would like to anounce that hacking is bad, and can be against the law in some cases.

1.(deleted by Club Penguin when they updated their website)Club Penguin big screen mode: This makes club penguin really big, type this link into your address bar: When you are there, press the F11button on your keyboard. Club Penguin is now big.
2. (Deleted) sideways hat: First, buy a hat and the matador suit. Then open player card and put on the hat. Then exit it and then put it back up again so your actual penguin is wearing the hat. Then take it off and put the matador outfit on your player card penguin, and do not exit out of your player card! Press d for dance and your hat will move and your arms move. Wait for about ten seconds and you should be standing there with a backwards hat. Also, if your player card is still up, click on some one else’s and you can still press d and have a backwards hat. Also too, only you can see this, everyone else sees you dancing.

3. (Deleted) Mancala cheat: this is pretty much pointless, but if you go to the bottom right mancala in the bookroom, it says would you like to play? Click yes twice really fast, and then click on the stairs. When you are in the coffee shop, go back up the stairs and reclick that game. Click yes again and it says “sorry, this room is currently full”.

4. get all coins at paint by letters: my puffle. page one: at the end, click the doorknob and drag to the left, and get the coin. page two: pick the dock, and when done typing, click the air pump the penguin is using to pump the inflatable with, and then it launches a penguin momentarily in the air, revealing a coin. page 3: before you do anything, look at the boat in the background, and click and drag it up, and then release it so it falls down. It shoots up a coin, and click on it. Keep trying until you get it. page 4: at any time, click and drag the sky to the bottom of the page, revealing a coin, and get it. This one is kind of tricky. page 5: do the same as 4, but this time the coin moves away from you as it goes up. This is very hard, so don’t give up, because it is worth it. Page 6 doesn’t have a coin. At the end, you get 250 coins!

5. get a lot of coins in cart surfer by doing this: what you do is you do a back flip, a 360*, as fast as you can repeatedly, and when you are seeing turn signs, press space down and then grind (down left or right).
You want to lose all of your lives so you have more track time to bust moves. If you do this right like I do it, you will get 500+ coins. It takes a long time to get the hang of, so do it a lot.

6. the gray fish in ice fishing: Okay, to get the gray fish in the game, you have to buy the lure in the sports catalogue and then you can get it! Tip: they swim twice as fast as the yellow fish, and stop, and dive down or up to dodge your hook.

7. (sometimes works) flashing words does not work any more, but was one of the best things in club penguin: type in: “green commander of” and then put something like flames or rockhopper, or say “I SAW A MONSTER EAT” AND PUT SOMETHING IN. Then click on a place and then click the send button. The words will flash. other ones were: remember polar is on your buddy list, I SAW A MONSTER IN A HOLE, I DRINK NOTHING BUT COFFEE, CLUB PENGUIN is getting VERY POPULAR, POPCORN??????????????????????,TACOTACOTACOTACOTACOTACOTACO, and probably a few others.

8. (You just have to press the arrow key matching the position you want to sit in) sit in different position: First, click the place where you will sit, then put your mouse around until your penguin is standing in the position you want to sit in. the press S.

9. (doesn’t work, but you can talk with paper if you click enter or tab and them type) newspaper hacks: OK, this is a really fun cheat, it is how to talk with the newspaper. First, go to the ski mountain and click on bunny hill, and right after you click it, pull up the map (the map should be pulled up before it asks if you would like to sled). Next go sledding. Once you start to move, click the place on the map where you would like to do the hack. Then, go to a place and open the newspaper. Go to the page after the comics and you will see a button that says “SUBMIT”. Click the button and the blue popup will appear where it says what part you want to submit to (comics, Aunt Arctic). Last, click the D button for dance. For talking click enter and the chat bar should get the typing line in it (it means you can type!) You can type whatever you want and when you are done typing what you want to say, press enter again. To do them at the same time click D then enter. If you X out of the newspaper and you want to dance again, click somewhere else in the area first, then repeat (you don’t have to do the sled thing again). waving and dancing are only things you can see.

10. (Doesn’t work) Quicker and easier way to talk and dance with newspaper: click on the question mark on the side of your tool bar, and put it on ultimate safe chat. Then go to another room and and click the newspaper. press tab until the yellow box is around the question mark , and then press enter. It should open the question thing and then x out of it. Your penguin should be reading a newspaper, but to you the actual newspaper is closed. You can dance, wave, talk, and sit in different positions now.

11. The bracelet of doom! This hack is how to get a giant bracelet to hover on your screen. First, go to the coffee shop lounge on the second floor. Then go to the bottom part of the bookshelf. Next click on the stairs to go down to the 1st floor. Once you click on the stairs, QUICKLY click on something that gets you to the books. You go to the one about Rockhopper and bambadee and go to the end where the bracelet is. Click on the bracelet but do now click the yes or no button to receive it. Then you will go downstairs. There should be a giant rainbow bracelet floating on the screen.

P.S. You can do this on the ship with any free item of rocky’s.

12. (doesn’t work) referee/bell cheat: First, put on the ref jersey or tour guide hat and the bell. The go to your playercard and take off the bell, AND DO NOT TAKE OFF THE PLAYER CARD! Then wave. Your bell should be on the ground and you should be making a sign.

13. (might work but probably not) Negative coins: First, have 1-9 coins. Then take any puffle and buy them some food. It says you need more coins. Now look at your player card and it has a – sign next to it. You can repeat this as much as you want, but the more negative coins you get, the more money it takes to get back in the positives.

14. buy one get one free hack: doesn’t work, but I wanted to tell you how to do it anyway because it was so cool: You need 2 computers. First, log on to cp with the same penguin on the same penguin, and don’t fully log on, just log onto the server page. On the other computer, log on fully and buy what you want, then log off. Then log onto the other computer and you should have the same amount of coins before you bought stuff. Buy other stuff and leave. Go back on your other computer, re-log in, and you will have all the stuff.

15. eat the pizza you get from the 6th mission: Once you got the pizza open your player card and go to the bottom of it to where the trophies from other missions are. Then, click on the pizza to make it larger and come out of player card. Last, click on the pizza (not box, the actual pizza), and slice by slice, it will disappear. Luckyducky59 figured it out for me.

16. (Doesn’t work anymore, but was the coolest hack ever!) be a DJ: First you need a hat and glasses (optional), a D.J. table, and and the drum sticks. First, wear the hat and sunglasses. Next, take off the hat and sunglasses and put on the drumsticks, AND DO NOT EXIT OUT OF YOUR PLAYER CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last, click on the dance button and wait 2 seconds, and you should be a D.J.

17. (doesn’t work, but there is a new way to under this post) nubbing: First, nubbing is going under the chat bar with your penguin. First do is go on the big screen mode. Once you are on the page, click F11 and it makes the screen huge (if it doesn’t work, click F11 on the web page before you go on full screen). Once you are logged on, you should see a giant white rectangle under the chatbar. Put you penguin in the center of the room (the town is a good place to try to nub) and click the rectangle. Your penguin should walk under the chat bar. TA DA, you have nubbed!

18. Doesn’t work: Walk through the fire pit at cove: To walk through the fire pit at the cove, get to the left of it, and then click the surf shack. You walk over the fire.

19. If you were a member, but aren’t any more, everyone else will see your igloo like it was when it was a member igloo. Same with clothes.

20. (Not sure if it still works) stacked letters: (by wwe adam) go to the places in these pictures to make you words stack:



once you are there, type in O Y, or other things like that and they will stack on each other.

Another place is in the ski store in the bottom left corner (I found this one myself).

21. I just invented this cheat. it is how to get the wanna catch some waves sign go with you anywhere. first, take off chat so you cant see the chatbar and then go to the cove. Move a playercard to the side of the screen, and then click on the surf shack. When the sign pops up, press tab until a yellow box is around the send mail button on the player card. Press enter and it will pop up. Click the no button on the catch waves popup twice and your penguin will move. click the wodden steps to go to the cove and everything except the sign will leave, and club penguin is shaded. When you do this, go to the plaza and none of the dorrs open when you put your mouse on them.

22. ( it only works on the light house now) Walk on walls. first go on to make it work easier. Use this instead of the original club penguin. For everyone to see you do this, go to into the lighthouse and stand anywhere close to the wall, like near the nets. look at the magnifying glass with a plus and a 100% next to it, and next to the percentage, an arrow. It is on the bottom right of your screen. Click the arrow and you will see more percents. Under them is something that says custom zoom. Click that and type in 1000 into the box that pops up. The screen will get HUGE!!! Use the scroll things to get back to seeing club penguin. Most of the screen is black, but that is really good! Click where the walkway would have been, and then quickly click the percentage next to the magnifying glass to go back to original to see your penguin do this. ALSO, MAKE SURE YOUR PENGUIN IS IN THE BLACK BEFORE YOU CLICK WHERE THE WALKWAY WAS!!!!! IF YOU DON’T, IT WON’T WORK!!!!!!

23. Walk onto the thin ice game: all you have to do is click about 2 inches under the game, and once your penguin gets there, click on the wall above the game. Your penguin will walk on top of it.

24. Stand on exits in the new club penguin! First, stand as far away from the exit as possible, then click the exit, and then immediately click the mail envelope. Wait ten seconds and then click the X. Your standing on an exit! Others can see this too! Also, if you click somewhere else on the path, you’ll go to the room it’s going to!

25. Walk on walls working version: before club penguin redid the website you could get next to a wall with an exit on the other side and click the exit and walk on the wall a little. like the coffee shop right wall. Get above the door to the book room, so put your penguin right of the shop entrance, and then you would walk over the drawers and wall to get to the book room, but now you can’t, but now you can do better! Go to the ice rink, and stand in the center where the puck is, and then click the wall directly above you, and then immediately click the postcard button and wait 5 seconds, and then you are standing on the wall! It is almost the same as the one above.

26. View newspaper with your penguin looking at it. Just click far from your penguin and then quickly click the newspaper. It will be on your screen, but it wont be on your penguin.

27. talk with newspaper on new club penguin! Currently works! First, log into a non-chat server so you can say what you want. then, click somewhere on your screen where you will be able to see your penguin when you view the newspaper. Click the newspaper, and then click Tab on your keyboard repeatedly until a yellow box appears over the moderator symbol. Press Enter. Now click tab until a yellow box is over the speech balloon on your toolbar. Press Enter. The sayings will come up. Press the Up key, so that a yellow box is around a box that lets you say stuff. Once it gets around one that has words come off it to the right like hello does, press enter and then your penguin will say it. Others will see it too! It’s a tricky cheat, but it works, and it is the third talk with newspaper cheat discovered.It is the only one that works too. I found it out on my own, so I deserve all of the credit, and if you don’t give me credit, wordpress will delete your site for plagiarism.

28. BIGGEST CHEAT YET! How to log in with all of your penguins. 1. Remove all saved penguins on Club penguin so it goes right to the login screen. 2. Open up Club penguin in Tabs in your web browser, or in different web pages. 3. On all of the ones with orange pop-ups that say multiple connections detected, click any of the blue on the screen. 4. Press enter. 5. type in your username of your desired penguin on each tab/page, then click Enter. It says provide a password, and click Enter to type it in, and then press Okay. 6. login on the same servers with all of your penguins from the different Tabs and get in one roon and look at them all! It is such a cool cheat!

28. machine fire snowballs. Others won’t see all of the snowballs. Press T, and then click a spot. Keep your mouse in the same spot, and keep clicking T and then click, and do it as fast as you can, and mountains of snowballs pile up.

That’s it for now!



14 responses

16 03 2008

I hope that these cheats help you out!
Also, I’m not sure if the second newspaper hack works now, but it did a week ago!



18 03 2008
Earl 1998

Help me! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got banned forever because someone hacked my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME GET UNBANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

darthrichi96: Geez! That is horrible! I’m very sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. But you could contact club penguin by e-mailing them. Here’s their E-mail: Also, you could make another account. if your name is earl 1998, make something like Earrl 1998. Also, if you cant make an account, I will give you one of mine.

20 04 2008
jabby jacob

please help i got banned and i cant make an account up for some reason it wont let me!!!!!!!!!

darthrichi96- I e-mailed u about it, so check your E-mail.

16 08 2008

dude get over this game!

18 08 2008

can i be on your blogroll?

darthrichi: Sure, I’ll comment on your site and tell you, add me to yours first, so I know i’ll be on yours and I won’t get tricked.

3 10 2008

some ppl banned mt other penguin but i dont care lol.
cuz that penguin is pricun, my little stunt double.
he tries all the hacks and stuff so i dont get banned on my rare penguin, cutiecat27.
That’s what I do, so good thinking

3 10 2008

even tho pricun isn’t real it still makes me feel sad banning him. 😦

21 10 2008

i wana hack but it WONT WORK HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O aND IF U DO ILL GIVE U A MEMBER!!!!!!! HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 10 2008

Cool you have Ubuntu is it any good?
I just use vista.

Darthrichi96- it is terrible, it always freezes up, and Flash barely works

23 11 2008

How do they even hack?

Use programs like wpe pro, cheat engine, or php. PHP is making bots, once I learn how to do it, I’ll show you.

24 11 2008

I have given up on cp!

16 12 2008

like hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

3 01 2009

I’ll have to update my chats and delete all of them that don’t work or the ones that have no pictures for them anymore or practicaly of all them and by the end they’ll fit into one page.

17 07 2009


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