quick update

29 11 2008

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that thanks to yesguy hits have never been higher! Last week, we got 102 hits in one day, beating the record by about 20 hits! Great job! Uding is never going to do anything else with Club Penguin, he is permanently quitting, so i will delete him. I will be making a new banner with the new authors on our site, so Watex and Yesguy, I will need a picture of your player card.Please E-mail me a file file to my email. Save it as a jpeg.

Watex i have just visited your site and fever looks like a total edit. I really need to see him with my own eyes to believe it.


Update: Yesguy you need an avatar and  would like you to change clubpenguinworld 1998 into yesguy. If you don’t know how to, email me, you have my email from emails before.



28 11 2008

Hi guys this is Venzr I’ve been added to this blog. 

Sorry I’m late making ym first post but I usually can only post on fridays and the weekend.  I use my penguin Venzr instead of my old one now.  My old penguin was about 700 days old and here’s a pic of what it looked like.  venzr

On my new penguin I usually wear whichever belt I have and by christmas I hope to be a member. 

My main blog is http://cpaces.co.cc as mt .tk blog was deleted for breaking terms of use (I don’t know what I did).  What annoys me on clubpenugin is the way in whcih they made the card game which rarely seems to work. 

I’m really good at finding cheats and glitches and tutorials and will post soon after I find them


Snow and sports cheats

28 11 2008

Here are the cheats for the new snow and sports catalog.

To get the silver surf board, go to the surf board page and click on the fire surf board and change it to pink. Then click on the left star and after that on the right star.



For  the Pommel Horse click on the N in the fruntire page.


I also decided i am not having another party since no one comes.

Penguin Elite Force

26 11 2008

the New box for Club penguin on the DS

The Old box for Club penguin on DS.

Due to a few requests, I have decided to talk about the new DS game. My sister might get it, so I can take some screenshots of it soon.

The price is approximatley $29.99

The game is out now and you can ask for it for Christmas!

Here is a picture of the room you can get into on club Penguin if you have the videogame.

(Compliments to http://penguincheatscp.com)


You can buy cards in stores you can use in the game. They are all high ones you can’t get on Club penguin.



25 11 2008

Update: I need help! Ninja island isn’t going well at all! I have publicity, but I have nothing in the game! Sam the head of it has dissapeared, i don’t have flash until christmas, and I am almost out of ideas! So email me any ideas you have for it! Send me art for the game, room ideas, drawings of clothes, anything! It doesn’t matter if they look bad! I just need help! ninja island won’t be able to release if I don’t get any help! So help me out! I’ve posted for a year to help you! This is how you could help me back!

Hello, I just want to tell you parties don’t run well on this blog. No one ever comes!!! Sorry for the info, but it’s true. I will also give you my old two year old account away for everyone on this blog to use! I will give it out because I don’t se it. It has a bad name but very old!I’m posting it here as a thank-you gift for visiting my blog all these years.

user: Youper1987

pass: darthrichi

I have to change the password, so it will be ready under that password in a few days! Thanks again! I am focused on flash to make ninja island and I will get it soon as a christmas present! My uncle works for adobe so he can get it cheap!

I also added my friend Venzr from cpaces, I also work there.

Yesguy, this is your blog now, so I’ve made you an editor, I think you will make the right choice with it. Think before you do anything like deleting posts, and ask me before deleting my posts or important ones. Great job so far!

CP had been supposedly sued  50,000 dollars for making kids play the ninja game for days on end, and purposely deleting belts.

I have updated the cheats page, and http://ceptor99.wordpress.com is giving out roles for a huge movie hes making and needs help, so visit his site if you want to help!

So long!


The “party” did’nt go well.

23 11 2008

I had a bad party. No one came for ten minutes, so I ended the “party” early.

I will still be having the ninja party.

Chirstmas Party!!!

23 11 2008

I decided I am going to have a chirstmas party after all.


(I know it’s blurry, just click on the picture to make it bigger and clearer)

Update: I am not going to have another chirstmas party, but instead i will be hosting a ninja party.