27 02 2009

Hi guys Rockhopper docked at the beach today. There’s a glitch with the migrator word on his ship check it out yourselfmigratorQuite a good glitch

Anyway the items he brought aren’t very good in my opinionrock-items And another puffle pin is here (stinkin puffles)puffle-pin That’s all for now Venzr



27 02 2009

Hey, it’s darthrichi96, I’m posting to tell you it’s my birthday. Yesguy, please start doing more work. Venzr is doing 80% of the work, and it’s your blog. This is basically just a copy/paste from venzr’s blog, it’s pretty much lost all of it’s signifigance, and I’m surprised many people still come. I’m no longer here to help, please customize this blog any way you like Yesguy. Make it the way you want it and do whatever you want but delete it. I’m taking my name out of the title.

So long, forever!


I’ll be back on the blog once I get Flash and start it up again.

Fire Penguins!!!!!

22 02 2009

Hi everyone this is Venzr!
I’ve decided to get together a team to make a forum called firepenguin’s are address will be trouble is I don’t have a team and I have next to no experience using forums. 

So I need to put together a team. 

I want about 5 people in the team you don’t need any forum experience to join. 

If you’re intrested please email

Not much will happen until I get internet for my laptop (I’ve got no pictures on this old computer)

This will be a team effort!

Also there’s a puffle video on clubpnguin but it’s so annoying I didn’t post it.

Puffle Party

20 02 2009

Hi everyone the puffle party’s here and clubpenguin have brought back one of the most sought after of all time items!
The pirate bandana (puffle bandana)cove-bandana

There are some well decorated room’s but I don’t particuarly like this party. 
The lighthouse is the best and if you stand on the platform on it to the right the puffle will paint you.  There’s a room for each colour and if you go to the beacon it’s green.  You can aslo see this at the beacon!rockhopper-siting
Also in the forest you don’t throw snowballs check out what you do throw. 
Enjoy the party!


14 02 2009

Hi everyone this is Venzr. 

This post is to ask people to visit my website which has lots of veiws but isn’t making enough money from adsense. 

I need to get clicks on the ads from google on my site to make money because money is all that’s keeping me from quiting clubpenguin. 

I got a laptop so I’ll have no picture posts for a week or so but then I’ll have better posts than ever. 

Also on my new site I’m aiming to beat my 2nd ever wordpress blogs hits record of over 4,000,000 and I’m confident I will beat it some day. 

So please please visit I’ve made hardly any money. 

Instead of leaving comments in the post on it like boring wordpress you comment in the chat box!

Puffle Party construction

13 02 2009

Hi everyone.  I was away earlier so I’m only posting now. 

The new pin is at the underground mine and in tribute to the puffle party it’s a puffle 0


Nextup is the best bit about the party. 

Walk on roofs again!town-work-roof

Also they’ve decorated some other rooms quite nicely. 

Click to enlarge

ski-village-workSki Village




And more intrestingly they’ve emptied the pool again. 

Anyway I don’t like the sound of this puffle party. 

Actually I’m not so sure on puffles at all


Also wordpress are updating there code soon. 


French servers

9 02 2009

The french speaking clubpenguin servers have publicly released Anyway there are a pile of glitches on the French Servers.french-servers

The spirit has sort of gone out of this blog but hopefuly it’ll be back soon. 

Sorry I’ve had to rush so many posts lately. 

Do you speak more french or Portugese?