up for grabs

19 04 2009

I’m guessing now that since you guys have stopped posting, that this blog is going dormant. I have decided to close it down and delete the other posters on this site. I’ve put years of work into this, and now I’ve decided to close it down. I won’t delete it, but I’m no longer going to post on it. If you would like this site, please e-mail me at rickkix@gmail.com. It was a great site, but now sonce there are a million other ones, there no need for another smaller cheat site.

Goodbye, and thanks for visiting all these years!





6 responses

20 04 2009

I still posted when I could. I understand your decision.

9 06 2009

Yo Rickkix are you still alive?
I haven’t heard from you in ages.
But you’ve been on gmail.

Rickkix- Yeah, what are you doing now.

20 06 2009
Professor V68

Well, now is the best time to quit
I found this site in my blogroll so I’m deleting it… SEE YA

1 08 2009
I Rok Dude


10 09 2009

how are people still coming?

6 10 2009

who what whens going on i just got to the site?


Rickkix- noone wants it so I guess it’s just going to be obandoned.

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