the new CPIP test item is out!

31 05 2008

Hey, the new item just came out! It’s a super awesome red construction hat! It’s pretty cool, when you drill, you take out a red drill instead of a yellow like the mining helmets. Congradulations if you were able to obtain this by testing!



P.S. I’m going to be making my first poll soon!


the new Cp test item comes out today and new books!

30 05 2008

Today is May 30th, and the CPIP test item comes out this afternoon! At approximately 12:00pst the new test item will be launched out! If you did the following, you will get this item:

You made a penguin on the CPIP test servers

You logged in at least once

You didn’t hack or get banned

If you hacked or got banned from the hack editor I posted at the beginning of the party I am so sorry! I didn’t know that you could not get a CPIP item if that happened.

In the next biggest news, the new bookroom books have been published and added to out little library, except that it’s not that little any more. Look under this this post for the winners of the writing contest and look in club penguin for the tales they wrote. They have all been combined into one big book. I’ll post at once when the items come out to tell you if it lets you do a dance and what the item is.



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P.S. There is a new website out now called You play a little spelling game to help donate tons of food to people in Africa, and you don’t have to pay a cent! Try playing the game for 5 minutes or so.

part at an end and upcoming events

27 05 2008

Hey guys, I’m so sorry for not updating much for the party, I really am! I forgot to post about the wizard hat being available for a while, and the party being extended until Monday. Once again, I’ve been really busy. I couldn’t use the computer for a few days, and then I couldn’t use it because someone has been using it to type this paper for two days!  I also watched Iron Man over the weekend, and if you’ve watched it, I won’t give it away, but make sure you stay watching the movie after the credits, because they have a small clip, and a government agent talks to Iron Man and gives him important information the also gives something away about **** ***** ** **** *** *!!! I blocked it out so I wouldn’t give it away! Also, if you’re a little kid, consult your parents first about seeing it because it’s pretty violent. Anyway, look at the stuff below for upcoming events in Club penguin:

Sadly, the party is over, and with it the treehouse (new room) in the forest left with it. (

You can’t get the peasant tunic or wizard hat anymore.

A new newspaper is out

It has a new puffle game on it, it’s just like a Suduko.

It has a party review.

There are not that much important events yet either.

Next time RH comes, (which will be soon), I will talk to you about it and be sure to let you know what items are out and if he has updated his ship. I will also be installing a rockhopper tracker (maybe even two of them) to my website to help you find him.

Also, I’m getting older, and I have lots of things I’m doing. i’m growing less fond of Club Penguin and don’t have much time to do it. I can’t find time to update it 3 times a week, and I’ve found new cool games on the Internet to play. So I’m going to have to not do movie of the week, because I don’t have time for it. But sometimes i might stick in a CP movie once in a while. Also, I’ll be posting less too, maybe at most 2 times a week. I’m sorry to everyone who uses this awesome blog about this, but I just don’t have time like I used to.



the party (ft. Purplejhon)

16 05 2008

New room! The treehouse above the forest, maybe itll stay!

The peasant shirt is at the dock!

Ill post more today or tommorow!

UPDATE: The party is here o my gosh!I just got on again today. Beneath this are some cool transfigurations in club penguin:

The lodge is a princess castle

There are treeforts in the forest

there is a play at the cove

there are caravans at the dock

there is a castle night club

the sledding is indoors





the new newspaper

15 05 2008

Hey guys, the newspaper came out today, but I have to say that it wasn’t that great. There was a new story that you put in certain words and kind of control the story. It’s something to do with a knight and a dragon eating a sandwich, it’s pretty lame. The party is tomorrow, and that means that my contest ends too. So far, not that many people have voted so you have a pretty fair chance of winning right now.

Nothing is really happening right now, so that’s all!


I need some help

13 05 2008

Hey guys, first thing is, I’m sorry for not working on funny pictures of club penguin, and if my website might not look that appealing and up to date. I also am apologizing for not doing almost anything on my do the chill, I’ve only posted one thing on it! I think I might close it down and not use it until I have a good purpose for it. I also am saying that my friend sheenboy has cancelled his blog a few weeks ago, but I don’t know how to delete it, so I’ll just let it rot in cyberspace and not use it again.

Why I named this post “I need some help, is because I’m trying to get more hits. Right now, I am getting about a hundred hits per week and I really want to get some more. You see, I’m a good person. I see how many hits I have, and that  equals how many people I have helped on my blog. So the more hits, the more people get better at club Penguin. So what I want you to do is, I need you to just tell a few people to go to my site that don’t attend a site yet or visit one not as good as mine. You could tell them anywhere you want to, such as a bribble, chat-room, myspace, email, or just talk to your friend about it. I would really enjoy you doing this, so I’m going to bring back movie of the week, and eventually I will make a google video account, and I will also download one of the hypercams, so I can can make a few of my own! It starts tomorrow, and it will be under videos at the top of my blog.

Another thing I need to talk about, is that I am having my first annual contest!!!! I posted about it under this post, and it is guessing what the items given away at this next medieval party will be! You will be telling me two things, if it is just old items given away, old and new, or all new. Then you will tell me what the items will be. The contest ends as soon as the party starts. Post what you think they will be under this post, okay?



sneak peak 4 party

12 05 2008

Hey guys, I’m here to tell you I’ve got grand VIP pics of the new party!!! Just kidding, but here a sneak peak of the town. Also, I was one of the few penguins who saw and took part in the febuary 2007 winter festival. The town looked very simalar, and I think the color will be the blue in the castle igloo.

This is from paintboy 100, and is last year’s party, not the new one.


bonus: I am having a contest: guess what items will be available at the party, make one up that you think that will be there, or guess what item might be brought back! The contest ends the right before the party. If you hack to see what items are revealed, you will be banned from the contest. the winner will be on my blogroll for two weeks or more! You might have to put your e mail in, but that’s okay. I only use E-mails to respond back to you on e mail, but that’s only if you say something bad or have a question. Good luck!