up for grabs

19 04 2009

I’m guessing now that since you guys have stopped posting, that this blog is going dormant. I have decided to close it down and delete the other posters on this site. I’ve put years of work into this, and now I’ve decided to close it down. I won’t delete it, but I’m no longer going to post on it. If you would like this site, please e-mail me at rickkix@gmail.com. It was a great site, but now sonce there are a million other ones, there no need for another smaller cheat site.

Goodbye, and thanks for visiting all these years!



Easter Hunt2009

10 04 2009

Hi everyone. 

I’ve finaly found all the eggs I think I’m the first blogger to do so though. 

Egg 1 is at the town on the nightclub

Egg 2 is at the cove

Egg 3 is at the dojo courtyard

Egg 4 is at the mine(Don’t get squashed)

Egg 5 is at the gift shop

Next up is at the beacon

Now the egg at ski lodge

And finaly the egg at the

Then you get your eyes on the prize the pink bunny ears

It doesn’t matter what order you get them in. 

And also the bunny pin is at the forest

Happy easter!!!!!!


2 04 2009

Becuase I quit, I decided to make a quick post about my club penguin memories. First party: I was a newbie at club penguin, and thought they permantly made it a sumbarine theme. Then when they turend it into the reguealer theme, I found it was a party. Getting member ship: I did my homework before my parents came home with out any help, so they rewarded me with a member ship. Becoming one year old: I was so exicted! In a few hours I am gonna be one year old! And so it happend, on feburaray 6th, I became a year old penguin!

April fools party! And I am quiting.

1 04 2009

First of all, I am quiting Club Penguin… Its really old and I am pissed becuase of the no saving glitch… Any way, for the april fool’s cheat we have a box shop at the snow forts, buy it for 200 coins and put it in your igloo. Then walk in to it and… Rick roll : D ^^ now for the real thing, you will be in cool/wierd place… Spooky… For the blue april fools hat (I might walk into club penguin wearing the red one I got a year ago : D) go to the mine, and there you have it! Bye, this will be my last post.