14 Funny Pics and Edits

I have added a new one! It is animated very funny! Scrool to the bottom to see it.

Okay guys, right now I am creating this page about funny things I’ve seen in CP. I’m putting in this picture that I have just made, and eventually I will be moving all of my pictures from the category funny pics and edits to this page and then delete the category. Sorry for the inconvenience.

1. Geez, what happened to rockhopper?


2. This is copyrighted, belongs, and was made by http://bogabo.wordpress.com, and is a joke about the earthquake.

3. My first edit, it’s not as good as my newer ones, since it was my first.


4. Rock on at the music festival 08! This is the hardest thing I’ve had to edit on Paint so far, hope you like it!

5. the official santa outfit of 2007!


6. Scratchin’

7. Hmm, the new room must have been made on JavaScript.

8. My! This must be the best thing to come into Club Penguin!!!

9. This is a picture of Uding when he entered the weight lifting challenge in last year’s fall fair. He was so bad they used it in 2008 at the bell ringing game:

10: Help! I got stuck in a fishing net!

11. It’s a me, Mario!

12. Luigi!

13. A mad penguin destroyed Rockhopper’s ship because he brought back the rare sailer cap.

create animated gif

14. I got s Super Nintendo! Yay! (I actually got it in real life too, weird huh)


I work very hard on all of my edits, so I would like credit if you use them on your website.

Thats all for now!



4 responses

19 08 2008

Cool. I’m gonna put you on my old blogs blogroll if you let me put these pics on my website I’ll advertise your site beside them on my new blog and all if you say yes respond on my new blog

And feel free to put my cheats and glitches on your blog


Also wanna put my new blog on your blogroll if I put this on my new blogroll?

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Wow! That would be great I’ll add you to mine and you have my permission to use my pictures too. Thanks! I’ll check in a day or two to see if you kept your word and added me! Thanks again!

14 10 2008


31 07 2009

Awesome site!

31 07 2009

kinda funny :/

ricckix- yeah, if I actually cared cared about CP anymore, I have a much better sense of humor, they would be better

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