30 01 2009

Sorry I wasnt able to post, I had to go shopping. =(
Since I need to post fast there will br no pics.
The lily pin is in the light house roof (were the huge light bulb is). For the silver surf board click on the penguins surf board then shell and then star.
For the mounin gear and hiking boots.

My favourite part is the mountin gear.

Whats yours?



30 01 2009

Hi everyone this is the second time today I’m posting it’s about a new glitch I found
It clones your penguin.  venzr-glitch
Here’s how you do it (it’s easy).  
Have your normal penguin saved on remember me. 
Log in with a new penguin and use your normal penguins name only after the first letter put an apostrophe ‘ then log in (haing saved this penguin on remember me) and it will be on the remember me aswell. 

Please visit my new website (I get paid for every ad that’s clicked on)


Flower Pin

30 01 2009

Hi everyone there’s a new pin on clubpenguin today it’s a flower.
It’s at the lighthouse beacon on the side of it. flower-pin
I quite like the lighthouse do you?
Also there are loads of new members items and a new sport shop background
There’s one catalogue sercret, click on the climbing wall and you can buy climbing equipment.

Also check out my new site


mistake+ninja island

27 01 2009

Okay, sorry for not telling, I forgot. Ninja island is temporarily shut down until I can find a team again. I don’t even have flash yet! Something happened and I couldn’t get it at discount, so I’ll have to get it later. Once I find a scripter with Flash, I can start the game, but I’m not doing anything with it until then.

I guess I’ll still go by Darthrichi96 around club penguin, but everywhere else is rickkix, kind of confusing, sorry.

Yesguy the fiesta post was pretty good! I’m just asking for you to be a little more engageing, asking people what their favorite part is, little glitches you find, and other stuff to share, don’t just post the basics, or just what is needed, put on a little more!


Ninja Island Involvement

24 01 2009

Hi everyone hope you’re enjoying the fiesta my synthasite isn’t going excactly acording to plan but I’ve decided to make more of an effort for Ninja Island. 

I’ve started by making a cheats blog about it and adding Rickkix as an admin

Here’s the banner for it

 but if this link is still being examined then click here to visit the wordpress url. 
This blog wont be that good until Ninja Island opens and to become a beta for it go to

Anyway my new site is called


Fiesta cheats!

23 01 2009

For the mini sombero go to the cove.


You can also climb on the night club!

Just walk on the stairs.


Thats it for now.


22 01 2009

 hits are very low… were getting about 24 a day average. Please help us get more publicity, plus yesdude, please post more stuff more often with good quality so more pwopl come, thanks.