Wassup? I’m Darthrichi96, the admin of the site. Here’s some things  about me and rules of my site!

-I am close to being a teenager

-I am a male

– I have a lot of penguins, and my three main ones are:


-DOTHECHILL (tests hacks and cheats)

-Gastronomis (My first penguin that is super old) He has red and white shirt, I was on before the lighthouse opened. I remember there was a small wooden sign that said Fall 2006 hanging from the doorway.

I have three rules on my website:

-no hacking my website

-no spamming my website

-no cussing

They are pretty easy, so follow them. you spam, I kick you off the site.

Today is November fourth and

my penguin darthrichi96 is a member, has both aniversary hats, and is 391 days old. Update: Today is march 19th, and I am 526 days old. Update: It’s September 29th and he’s 720 days old.

I normally go on the server Matterhorn since it is normally not full, but I usually go on Mammoth.

I am always looking for funny pictures or cheats/glitches, so if you know any, please tell me so I can put it up! I will give you full credit too.




7 responses

25 11 2007
sammy (is pink!!)

hi again!

15 12 2007

cool website, it rocks!

21 12 2007
Tyler Borst

You are going to need some more cheats!


Tyler 08 On clubpenguin

21 12 2007
Tyler Borst

On clubpenguin there having a neat christmas party!


Tyler 08

13 09 2008

May I join this blog

14 09 2008

May Im plz join this blog I’ll put effort into it

24 12 2008

Hello Darthrichi96! Just asking if you want to stay on my blogroll. If you do, then just visit sometime! If you don’t really care, then I guess I can earase your name…

8) Bogabo

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