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18 09 2010

as you know icp is very faomas now :O but they had a fight with iamthewalrus the hackers who made it icp team hacked iamthewalrus website here it is http://www.iatw.info

it has a dancing cat lol and penguin chat 3 is being remade by pros including me i make the custom rooms 😀 and im a mod so yeah almost out and also icp is low on money so it will be closed soon

se yu guys




16 09 2010


Hey guys do you remember this page?

10 09 2010


Hey, this group is very cool! But to get it back and going, well need tons of advertising, help me get it out and get people you know to join too.

The CPM (club penguin marines) is a very old war party on club penguin that was led by sf1998. Unfortunately, all the CPM blogs suddenly were quit, and nobody ever sees sf on club penguin anymore. A.K.A., CPM has been forgotten. My goal is to create a new CPM that will regain it’s glory and even beat ACP one day. Also, if you were wondering what happened to the BPM (backpack mafia), I got rid of it because it was hopeless. I have also created a new uniform based entirely off the old one made of mostly items you can get right now or you could get a few months ago. Here is a pic I made of it:

You may join whenever you want, but I will not be having any meetings or battles for a few months because I want to have alot of people join when I have battles. I am going to try to get a chatbox on my website so we can talk on it for parts of the meetings. Also, if you want to see the old CPM sites, here they are:



Only I, and any other penguin who used to run CPM (like sf1998) can say if you are a leader. Anyone can be anything else they want to be though. Here are the uniforms:

General uniforms, only I and any other past general wear this:

Blue or white admiral coat

black sunglasses or ski glasses (orange lensed ones)

ski or hockey helmet

messenger bag

black shoes

weapon: hockey stick

regular uniform:

either suide jacket or white admiral coat (if you don’t have admiral coat, wear black hoodie)

night vision glasses or ski glasses (orange lensed ones)

ski or hockey helmet

messenger bag or backpack

any colored guitar or cane (if you don’t have these, use nothing or hockey stick)

hiking boots or gray sneakers

special forces uniform:

ghost sheet

robot mask (if you don’t have robot mask, wear night vision goggles)

ski helmet (if you dont have it don’t wear any other hats, just have nothing on your head)

skuba tank

hockey stick or black guitar

gray sneakers or black shoes

I will tell you if we need spies or not, but if you want to be one when needed, dress like this:

tan casual suit jacket or suit jacket and shirt (get it in the HQ book that says F.I.S.H.)

black sunglasses

bowtie or black tie

black shoes or sneakers

black toque or brown fedora(it has the pink stripe thing on it)

hockey stick or watch

Or you can dress up like our enemy. I’ll send you down to where the enemy is meeting (igloo or room) to spy on what they are saying.

Non-member uniform:

red or black pirate bandana

pumpkin bag from Halloween (if you don’t have it, were blue color and blue floaties, or orange and orange floaties)

any face paint (if you don’t have it, wear the yellow snorkel because we are the marines)

pirate shoes (if you don’t have them, leave your feet bare and don’t put anything on them)

brown belt with buckle or red and white striped shirt

whistle or red cowboy bandana

It would mean alot to me if you would join, so comment below if you would like to. It does request for your E-mail address, but that is not posted on the comment, it is only used to E-mail your comment to my E-mail address so I can edit it and stuff like that.


well today I intend to start up the CPM for the third time and here is how you can enter

1. Email the team at  adiximan@hotmail.com

2. Start your message with the word army12

3. Tell us your penguin name and penguin age

4. send the email and within 2-3 weeks we will reply telling you which rank you are.

Please note we only have spaces for 30 more penguins so we advise you sign up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

5. When you sign up you will also get news about our meating and other stuff.

We also promote 1 person to the next ranking every week so keep checking your email inbox

Uniforms are the same and they’re two leaders me and someone else (the first person to email me gets that possition)

We you are leader you can do the following

1. Lead when Adiximan is away

2. Help everyone and answer questions

3. Remind them of the uniform

So what are you waiting for? ENTER NOW

We also have a chat box that we will use to remind you of the upcoming events to get to it please copy and paste the following link into your browser,

importent stuffz

Here at  https://darthrichi96.wordpress.com we respect your privacy and will not pass your email onto anyone else we have a very long password so no-one can hack our email acount

Fall Fair

10 09 2010

Hey guys the fall fair is here and the prizes are at the forest just some lame hats and a pin also a backround 0_0

New author

10 09 2010

Hello to everyone who still visits this blog. I recently checked the views and I’m still getting nearly just as many views as I did while I worked on the blog.

anyway, I just added a new author who wanted to work on the site. Good luck!