15 11 2009

Okay, no one wanted the site, so I’m just going to let it sit here and rot. If you do want it, I’ll add you as an author, maybe editor. Sorry no admin, I’ve spent a year (wasted) making it, and I don’t want a year of my life deleted. Surprisingly, people are still visiting, I’ve gotten over 20 in the last week (it’s been abandoned now a year). Happily, the year I haven’t been playing and doing this junk (to me) my life has gotten significantly better. Good luck to all of you realizing that this game is dumb because disney ruined what was good about it to kids under 12 and hopefully finding new more fun things to do. I’ll post something every few months, feel free to comment or leave advertisement, I don’t mind. I sadly know all about CP from early 2009 and before that, feel free to ask any q’s, I’ll reply up to a few months after you make it. Bye.