14 02 2009

Hi everyone this is Venzr. 

This post is to ask people to visit my website http://penguincheats.tk which has lots of veiws but isn’t making enough money from adsense. 

I need to get clicks on the ads from google on my site to make money because money is all that’s keeping me from quiting clubpenguin. 

I got a laptop so I’ll have no picture posts for a week or so but then I’ll have better posts than ever. 

Also on my new site I’m aiming to beat my 2nd ever wordpress blogs hits record of over 4,000,000 and I’m confident I will beat it some day. 

So please please visit http://penguincheats.tk I’ve made hardly any money. 

Instead of leaving comments in the post on it like boring wordpress you comment in the chat box!




One response

14 02 2009

Sorry for advertising but I need more veiwers for money.

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