club penguin improvement project

4 03 2008

There is a club penguin improvement that they are doing. So far they haven’t told what it is. IT COULD BE ANYTHING!
Also, they updated jet pack adventure so that you see the stage and the jet packs go faster. Also, if you get don’t get any coins (don’t go around collecting them in the game), they reward you with 1,000 bonus coins.

I also am thinking about canceling the tip the iceberg contest. No one has given proof. Not even a picture of not tipping it. If you still bring in something, I will give you 3,000 coins or something else you might like.

ONE MORE THING! I can’t post any pictures by me anymore (Not for at least a month) because my hard drive broke. We are somehow working our computer from this box and a CD. SO UDING, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, i NEED YOU TO PUT PICTURES FOR THE POSTS OR EVEN POST ON THIS IF YOU STILL HAVE THE PASSWORD. Hint: sister.

Thanks for telling peeps about my blog, the hits are starting to roll in! I would really mean alot to me if you all tell at least 2 people and have that person tell someone else. I know you are not the only one in your neighborhood or school that plays club penguin. So please do it!



P.S. If the party like a rock star vid swears or has inappropriate language, please comment and tell me. I’ll switch it with the clean one.






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