who wants CPaces???

21 01 2009

Venzr and me are quitting Cpaces, he wants a new autor to take over. Send in a resume to the E-mail rickkix@gmail.com.

it should have the following, and you should have already have or had a blog (might make exception).

1. penguin name

2. (optional) age as in kid, tween, or teenager. I don’t really need to know your age, I just like to know if a kid, teenager, or inbetween is working, it normally effects quality. I don’t want to be expecting 13 year old work from a 8 year old!

3. Your current blog, i might make an exception if you don’t have a blog.

4. Why you want it.

it’s a great blog, and the owner will really enjoy it! He/she will be added as editor or possibly admin.

I am tired of going by darthrichi96 and I am now going to go by my email name, rickkix.

So to sum up, Darthrichi96 IS rickkix






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