Good news!

13 01 2009

Hi I just wanted to post that fano commented, yes THE fano.We also have over 10000 vists (I would party but since no one comes ill just leave it to this post).

Update: Hey, Ijust wanted to post the famous people who have posted, also, we have had a huge increase of visitors, and I think if we have a party this time, a few people might come. I guess I’ll have one, so Yesguy, it would be up to you, just make a up a time in the next two weeks, and if you’ll lend me your member penguin, I’ll make a cool room for the party. You can trust me, after all, I trust you with the site!


possibly Watex (probably a fake)

Wwe ryan

Probably a few more! Look around if you see any.

 And Fano!

From fanocp on Yesguy gets Club Penguin trading cards and code #

cool site! keep it up. ps: sorry i cant give an interview cuz im a secret but i can add …









One response

15 01 2009
I Rok Dude

Hey bro I’m really sorry that I deleted you off my blogroll, I will put you back on again. Btw, can I post on your site? It would be fun… only if you want.

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