Hack Vid

11 01 2009

Here’s what happened when I was innocently walking into ski village on Fjord at around 08:10 yesterday

When I entered the room it said some scripts blah blah non responsive, corrosive etc in 2 windows so I clicked yes to resume on both then it howed this.  The only thing you could click that did anything was the chatbox but it wouldn’t say the things. 

I think “Straw” was having a party which was intruded by this or he might have organised htis. 

Anyway more details later but it was on the server Fjord at around 08:10 Penguin Standard Time.  

Also please visit http://penguincheats.tk





One response

15 01 2009
I Rok Dude

Happenes to me too. its not a hack its a glitch

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