Access agent communications/command room

22 12 2008

Hi guys this is Venzr and I found a hack to get me into agent communications room for free without even having a Nintendo.  christmas-agent-hq

This picture was taken before I was a member. 

To get in go to open or download the trainer etc, etc extract all files yes to all blah blah then get cracking. 

To get in you go to room ID and the code is agentcom there are all sorts of other things you can do with this trainer allthough a lot of it has been fixed allready. 

Also please enter my competition by clicking here

That’s all for now waddle on





3 responses

23 12 2008

Venzr, I think you are making a big mistake by hacking.

23 12 2008

Also, if you hack you might get banned before the games.

30 12 2008

You don’t get banned if you’re as good at hacking as I am.
I thought everyone hacked on this blog as that is the name of the blog,.

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