Ninja Comp

21 12 2008

Hi guys this is Venzr and I hope to have a ninja competition in January before my membership runes out. 

Here’s what the arena looks like click to enlarge and for better quality.  arena-setup

Is it good?
I’ve decided there’ll be 8 competitors in the first ever one. 

It will start of I’ll make a speech (snore). 

Then the first 2 competitors are up probably Andreasmich and Vicko if they enter.  Next up will probably be Zac Efrovn and Nypaoe if they agree to enter.  That leaves for places left.  Intrested?  Then email and I’ll probably let you in it will be around the 10th of January.  To end the thing I announce the winner we all yell yey woopee and the winners get a reward (did I forget to mention that), I’ll referee this. 

Here are rules on how to play. 

Rules Of Battling. 

The rules for our battles are that you have to get 3 points to win. 

You get 1 point by hitting someone with a snowball.  When that happens I’ll hit the gong and we start again. 

If you are standing tot he left of somone like the person is to me in this picture you can ram into them and get 2 pointsnew-iglooif I rammed into him here he would get the points.  To ram waddle your penguin into another penguin. 

The main rule is…….

Play on if you think you hit him but I don’t bang the gong. 

If you’re unsure about any of the urles leave a comment and I’ll contact you as soon as possible. 





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22 12 2008

I can host games too.

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