Christmas Party

19 12 2008

The Christmas Party is coming out tommow. I feel really bad right now, I just had surgery, so you won’t hear much from me for a while, and if yesguy can make a really good post tommorow for the party, that will prove to me that he is really good at blogging and can have the site, and I will make him an admin.

I would also like to show you how to make a player on miniclip, it’s really cool. You can play miniclip, and you can save your scores and challenge other’s scores. They also have a movie making game called scetch star, that is kind of like Flash. It’s really cool, here’s how to make one.

go to, and click at the orange button at the top of the website called players. Click join now, and supply your email and make a password. It’s really cool. If you make one, type in Darthrichi96 at search a player on the players home page, an ask to be my friend, and I’ll add you! Try to challenge some of my scores too, you’ll earn trophies for beating people and beating games.

see ya,





One response

19 12 2008

I hope you get better soon!

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