The cheats while i was gone

17 12 2008

First, their are boxes at the town, cove and ski village.

Second, the clothing, play and frunitre catalogs cheats.

Click on the puffle on the first page of the play catalog for the crook and flail. clubpenguinplaycrookandflailcheat1

(sorry it isn’t a full square, this happend becuase of uploading issues)

And now the clothing catalog cheats.

Click on the chirstms lights for the yellow scarf.


Click on the top of the pine tree for the russain hat.



Click on the face of the red penguin that is holding snowballs for the red viking helmet.


Click on his face four times for the blue viking helmet.

For the pink pom pom toque click on the pink tie in the girl’s hair.


 Click on the light house for the red hoodie.


For the black super hero mask click on the pink flipper.



For the black scuba mask click on the “60 coins each”.


 Now for the fruntire catalog cheats.

Click on the ivy for the leaning tree.


Click on the velvet rope  for the welcome mat.


And lastly, the snow fort pin which is at the pet shop.





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