fake Watex

12 12 2008

Hey the Watex on our blog is a fake, sorry. I’m romoving him, I’m about sure he’s boggles1111 because they have the same idea. If it is a glitch or a new part of the updated wordpress, I’ll add you back, but you don’t post like watex, act like him, or anything. Watex would get a new site and not get five like you. He has really quit, and all the watex’s on now are fake. I also know his real username is not funkyloverxoxo. watex is a nickname, i could change my appearance name on wordpress to anything, that’s how i was shrapnel for a while. I’m kicking you boggles, and if yesguy can do a perfect post for the christmas party that is better than what i could do, with many pictures and walkthroughs, then i will add him as an Admin and give him the blog.


william.watex@gmail.com <–ID matches boggles, everyone has their own ID


^ID is different, possibly a hcker.

Disney brought back the ret cap given away at the lighthouse opening. Rare isn’t around anymore, only pink toque and beta hat is rare. Thanks Disney, thanks alot.




One response

13 12 2008

Will I still be on when the new guy takes over?

Yeah, I will probably make you an admin, but you won’t need to really.

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