Rare stuff.

10 12 2008

funny pic and player card including NEWS

Hi guys I’m not a member anymore it ran out today but I took a picture of my player card yesterday while I was a member so here the funny picture player card and news


Aww how sad 😦


Also the news!

you know DIVACATS???

Well before she had a blog called http://www.fans4cp.wordpress.com/

She quit because some one called shyshy and I Rok Dude were calling her nasty words and were accusing her of something she did not do so she has a new blog now http://www.clubpenguined.wordpress.com/ I’ve decided to take over fans4cp ask DIVACATS to add me as an admin I’ll delete everything all the pages and start from the beginning very soon it’ll be as good and better than before!


Also Darthrichi can u add me as an admin??

I won’t delete you from this blog just so I can approve comments answer questions make headers and cool widgets I won’t change the theme though with out asking!




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