Pin +Rockhopper

5 12 2008

Hi guys.  This is Ven and I’m loving the new wordpress daskboard.
Here’s the new pin pet-shop-pin

Darthrichi96: I made a new pin widget! It is animated! Check it out

-> create avatar
Create avatar

here is the code:

<a href=”” title=”create avatar”><img src=”” width=”175″ height=”227″ border=”0″ alt=”create avatar” /><br /><a href=””>Create avatar</a>

You can copy and paste this code into a widget on your blog, or anywhere on the internet you want. You can also enter it into your posts by clicking HTML next to the visual sign. You won’t have to give me credit as long as you keep the last slide in it.

Also if you go to the lighthouse beacon and check the telescope Rockhopper’s ship the migrator is in it and there’s something odd about it I don’t think you need a picture of it now look!  Rockhopper has always until now arrived on Fridays but I don’t think he’s ever taken a week.


Darthrichi96: You are wrong, Ven. the first time he visited (I  was there), he took three weeks. Every wednesday he progressed and moved closer.




One response

5 12 2008


CPResource speaking!

We have added you to our blogroll please can you now add us!
Viewers of this site go to

Thanks for reading DalekchanpenAdmin 😀

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