ameeron admitted!

3 12 2008

Ameeron finnaly admitted he isn’t watex. I’m about positive that the Watex on this blog is a fake. Too many people have said that watex doesn’t play anymore since the site closed. I either see Fever or I kick you off the site Watex, or who ever you are.

i have officially quit this blog. No more posting, nothing. possible maye a post once or twice a month, but i only go on CP for party items. Yesguy, you are the new head of this blog, and the new domain in stead of is now Venzr is right hand man of the site. I will remain admin, but may pass it down later to Venzr because i really trust him. Maybe to Yesguy too if he keeps doing great. But under no circumstances will you delete this blog, understood? Pick a new admin if you get sick of club penguin like me.

Here is one of my penguins:


pass: darthrichi96

remember me with this dude. He is two years old+.

Bye for good.





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