28 11 2008

Hi guys this is Venzr I’ve been added to this blog. 

Sorry I’m late making ym first post but I usually can only post on fridays and the weekend.  I use my penguin Venzr instead of my old one now.  My old penguin was about 700 days old and here’s a pic of what it looked like.  venzr

On my new penguin I usually wear whichever belt I have and by christmas I hope to be a member. 

My main blog is as mt .tk blog was deleted for breaking terms of use (I don’t know what I did).  What annoys me on clubpenugin is the way in whcih they made the card game which rarely seems to work. 

I’m really good at finding cheats and glitches and tutorials and will post soon after I find them





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28 11 2008

The adventure starts here!!!

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