25 11 2008

Update: I need help! Ninja island isn’t going well at all! I have publicity, but I have nothing in the game! Sam the head of it has dissapeared, i don’t have flash until christmas, and I am almost out of ideas! So email me any ideas you have for it! Send me art for the game, room ideas, drawings of clothes, anything! It doesn’t matter if they look bad! I just need help! ninja island won’t be able to release if I don’t get any help! So help me out! I’ve posted for a year to help you! This is how you could help me back!

Hello, I just want to tell you parties don’t run well on this blog. No one ever comes!!! Sorry for the info, but it’s true. I will also give you my old two year old account away for everyone on this blog to use! I will give it out because I don’t se it. It has a bad name but very old!I’m posting it here as a thank-you gift for visiting my blog all these years.

user: Youper1987

pass: darthrichi

I have to change the password, so it will be ready under that password in a few days! Thanks again! I am focused on flash to make ninja island and I will get it soon as a christmas present! My uncle works for adobe so he can get it cheap!

I also added my friend Venzr from cpaces, I also work there.

Yesguy, this is your blog now, so I’ve made you an editor, I think you will make the right choice with it. Think before you do anything like deleting posts, and ask me before deleting my posts or important ones. Great job so far!

CP had been supposedly sued  50,000 dollars for making kids play the ninja game for days on end, and purposely deleting belts.

I have updated the cheats page, and http://ceptor99.wordpress.com is giving out roles for a huge movie hes making and needs help, so visit his site if you want to help!

So long!





3 responses

26 11 2008
Backflip Games

Read the reply to your email i left you. I have agreed to help you and my co-manager says it sounds cool

27 11 2008
Agnt Squeeky

yes i too have a sent u an email plz check it a once

27 11 2008
Agnt Squeeky

haha i said i was going to email u and then i went to email u and i cant find ur email…. so if u could plz plz plz email me at 1soccerdude@embarqmail.com jst title it Darthrichi

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