quick word by me

22 11 2008

Hey, it’s Darthrichi96! Yes guy, you are doing an amazing job! You are better than me in many ways! I’m happy I added you.

I just wanted to tell you that I am getting Flash CS4 so I can work on ninja island with Sam on the website http://ninjacity.wordpress.com.

Ninjas in club Penguin will not walk on walls. Also, once ninja island comes out, most of the stuff will look like it came from the ninjas in club penguin, but it didn’t. I had ideas like you can buy colored belts or earn them, or you can turn invisible by clicking a button. I will try to change the artwork around so it will look unique and like I didn’t copy, because I didn’t. Learn more at the address above.

all the secrets for the catalog are below by Yes guy. He is also going to deck out his igloo and poss. have a christmas party.


I’m not going to go by shrapnel it sounds dumb.




3 responses

22 11 2008

Darth plz add me

I may be moving to free hostia

22 11 2008
Club Penguin

are you buying Flash CS4? Isn’t it expensive?

My uncle works for adobe, he can get it for 40$

23 11 2008

Thank you, and yes ninjas can`t walk on walls but they can turn invisble if wearing the suit (not belt) and ninja mask.

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