watex and new authors

18 11 2008

Update: Bad news, Ameeron the imposter just got Watex back from CP. He need you guys to help us and email support@clubpenguin.com and support@wordpress.com and say we want the real fever back, and put that the real fever is the one on this site! help out and get us watex back!

hey, I would like to tell you that watex is on the site, and he is the real one. I don’t really kno if he wants to stay or not, but if he doesn’t want to, he can leave. I hope that it works out for him, because his site has a bad domain, and many people think he is an imposter Watex. I have two new authors, and they are


Twin Rugrat/Mister Xmaz

I am sorry for freaking out a lot and saying how bad club penguin is. It’s just that I’ve really outgrown it. it’s not bad, it is great for little kids now, but I’m just mad because only little kids are on now. It used to be all ages, but now it is just mountains of 7,8, and 9 year olds almost everywhere. So I’m leaving, but I’m here to post cheats and pictures still. I will start Ninja island soon. Go to http://ninjacity.wordpress.com to learn more if you don’t know what it is yet.

i need to meet the two new authors so I can make a banner with you guys in it, so lets scudual a time soon.





One response

19 11 2008

I did not do that post it was by mister xmaz!

~watex 😉

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