Shrapnel and dojo opening

14 11 2008

The dojo is having it’s grand opening. The outside looks better. There is also a gong show every five minutes where you can throw snowballs at the gond and it rings. Everyone was shouting lame, and it only stays for 10 seconds. You can get a box of shoes at the outside of the dojo too.

i am changing my name from darthrichi96 to Shrapnel, because it sounds cool, I don’t like star wars anymore, and it isn’t long. I have two new authors.


Unknown, but his first name is poss. Yonatan.

There is going to be a new room out in Club Penguin, and a new minigame.

Here is basically a sneak peack of what the dojo will look like when the party is over. It’s in the HQ.


There is a blank screen, so there will be a new room coming soon.

See ya!





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