13 11 2008

More ninja news!

Here is a picture od a ninja in stealth mode. This is when they hide and look like a shadow.

Believe it or not, but its the shadow behind the nets at the light house. It was a ninja after all!


Its hard to see, but every five minutes, like a time like 10:25, ninjas around the island come out, like the one above. One is behind the sign at the plaza, one is at the ski hill, and one at lighthouse, and possibly at the ski lodge in the mirror.

Guess who I met? Jc4x4! He is the owner of the famous blog http://clubpenguinbc.com. It has over a million hits. He’s lucky, because there wasnt a huge crowd around him like one for watex or wwe adam. i have seen both of them a few times, and it is NOT pretty.


I think I will make a page with pictures of all the penguins with blogs and famous penguins, and them people  from both categories I have met.

Ninjas will come out on the 17th. I am trying to figure out bots so I can make some with ninja costumes and make them run around saying ninja attack! I don’t know. I am looking for some new authors for this awesome blog. If you want to be one, I’ll add you. I just need people to post the catalog secrets and other things I don’t want to do. Bye!




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13 11 2008

Awww. I Missed Him? Lol. I’m Ok. I Met Him A Few Times. I’ll Add you To My Blogroll Right Now!

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