Best Cheat Since One Million Coins Cheat

10 11 2008

Here is a new cheat I found from another author on! It is so cool!


I used this cheat to put all of my penguins in one igloo on one computer! NOT AN EDIT!

Here is how.

1. remove all of the penguins saved to your computer.

2. open up in two tabs

3. In the one that says multiple connections detected, click the Disney logo.


4. Press enter on your key board.

5. it goes to the penguin login, and only enter your penguin username.

6. Press enter, and then it will change the pop up to Please supply a password.

7. Press Tab and enter in your password, then press enter.

8. Now click okay on the pop up once the servers come up.

9. Click a server and you got past the blocker!

10. Login the normal way on the other club penguin screen in the other Tab.

You can keep doing it just like I did too!

You must give credit to my site to use this cheat since i now have copyright!





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