busy-credit to wwe adam

8 11 2008

Here is the holloween secrets. I really need some new authors, so if you want to be an author on this site, just ask.You can also dig with the snow shovel, and they brought it back for penguins at work.


I also went to the club penguin official blog, and they had a picture of the new game. Then I looked more and found this for the new game.


I don’t have time to post the catalog secrets, so I took this off wweadam.com.

On the first page of the clothing catalog, click the center of the top snowflake for a pink pom pom.


Press the tip of the pine tree on the second page for a Russian hat.


On the text page, click the penguin that is hiding to take a red viking helmet. Do this 4 times for a blue.


Once again, turn the page and press the second star of the second row for the black superhero mask.


Flip some pages and click the N in “Shoe Collection” for a black scuba mask. (Notice it looks like the ninja mask and activates on the letter, “N”!


Turn to the clearence and yet again we click an “N” for mixed bracelets.


AND AGAIN click the “N” on the next page for a jade necklace.


In the wig catalog, press the spikester for the spikette.


See ya!





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