new map, new reason I’m quitting, and ninja, and cheat

3 11 2008

Hey, I have not found an author yet, I’m sorry. I added the REAL Watex, but most likely he will say no. is going to get shut down if he stops pretending to be Watex. Also, I am going to quit club penguin for sure. They have ruined the map! Nothing is the same on club penguin since disney took hold. Now all of the great bloggers like wwe adam and mike92 are fed up with it, and so am I. I love the site, so I won’t delete it. If you want this fantastic site, just comment below and it’s yours. I get about 60-75 hits a day, that’s pretty good for not advertising too much.

Club penguin has ruined the map. It may look better, but it isn’t the same.

I would like to focus on the topic that has many questions right now, ninjas. The dojo has been swowed in, and the cieling was struck by lightning, and there is a hole in it. You can go up the hole to the top of the dojo, and the ninja from the hlloween party is up there getting all of the snow off.

If you didn’t know club penguin was going to bring in ninjas to CP, but brought in agents, because it was more interactive with missions. So now this dud will reveal himself and most likely teach you how to be a ninja and you will get the suit that is my avatar.

There is a cheat, and I am the first blog to post about it. If you go to the top of the dojo, you will see a few names in the bottom in some snow. It is hard to get there, but here’s how you do it. In the pic, i am Royal Nathan. Go to the dojo, and click the go outside sign. Immediatly after that, constantly click where the red box is in the loading screen in the pic under this. Click really fast a lot of times. If it doesn’t work, keep trying. You will eventually look like you are buried under the snow.






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3 11 2008

It’s Pinkey2we. I just wated to inform you that the hits on my blog are going down drastically. It would be great if you visted, and it would like the best if you would add us to your blogroll, we would be soooooo happy! so please visit and please please please help us out!!!!!!!!!
-Pinkey2we :mrgreen:

13 11 2008

i want your blog

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