password post

30 10 2008

I password protected the post underneath this one. The password is holloween. there are no spaces or capitals. It is for where the holloween candies are. I did this just in case someone wants to find them theirselves without help. Also, ninjas are back, go to the dojo and wait for proof. I’l talk more later. Bye.

Password: holloween

I had to get this of of ojoc’s blog, because it appears for a helf second, and my pic taker takes that long. It’s too hard to mach up.

they brought them back because everyone likes ninjas and they got too many complaints. The ninjas will look like my avatar, and it will most likely be for members because all Disney thinks about it money, money, money. They don’t care about us kids, they just want to make sure thay get their 5 million paychecks every two weeks. Literally. They rack in close to a million dollars a month or more from club penguin, plus all the other stuff they have, they get so much money a day. So now all of the good stuff in CP is only for members, such as the hidden room, and the arcade circle from the fall fair. They’re all reasons for them to get 6$ from you a month.




2 responses

31 10 2008

look I’m not Ameeron he’s faking it!

So I need you to believe me I’m the real watex!

8 11 2008
Club Penguin Cheats

thanks for giving me credit


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