watex and email and party review

27 10 2008

Hey, i would just like to tell you guys that my email is broken. I don’t know how, but whenever I get a signal that says you have 2 e mails, I don’t have any. I’ve been getting a lot, but none show. So I have to get a new email, I can send some out, but to respond you have to comment on the site.

Next is the party review. I think it was pretty untraditional. I has always been in the coffee shop, and I would like it to stay there. I also think there should have been a box of party hats and not having them in the cake. Some positive stuff is that I loved the dance floor. Here’s a pic:

I also think that the party hat should have been two colors like the rest, and I would like to see improvements next year. I have some ideas of who my authors for the site will be, and if you would like to be one and have my site, just comment below.

i would like to tell you that watex’s blog is permanently kicked, I’ve gotten news from his new blog and friends, I’m trying to talk to him about it, but my email is down so i can’t talk to him yet. Bye.




One response

28 10 2008

Cool Site! Lol! We Have The Same Ninja!

Yeah! i’ve seen your avatar a lot around cp blogs! Cool huh?

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