yes I’m leaving and party postponed

24 10 2008

Yes a am leaving club penguin if you saw the last post. I’m not deleting the blog, I am just bored with club penguin. I am tired of posting and doing all of this stuff for a game that I don’t really like. The only thing i like doing is edits and finding cheats. So i won’t delete the blog, instead i will pick two new authors for the site and will add them on the aniverrsary of the blog. I will continue having the best cheats and edits around, and I will keep making new ones. You will have more now since I won’t have to waste time posting. I am having to post pone the party also. I don’t have any time today for it, plus I messed up all of the infor mation. I will have the party thursday before holloween. I will give out the rest of the info later. it will also be my good-bye party since I’m leaving, so that will be the last time to see me. The party hat is three colors, and I updated the pin widget too.

So long!





2 responses

24 10 2008

Well I’d love to run it but I’ve got a lopt on my mind.

Now I have some news as you have quit clubpenguin we will have to move you down to author on cpaces but that will still let you edit the 1 page about ninja city and you can post when ninja city comes out.

It would be bad for the team moral if you were an editor without playing clubpenguin.


24 10 2008

hey dathritchi i will not be able to come sorry.But we can meet in any time in another day

plz understand

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