my new widget and catalog

14 10 2008

Hey guys! We are 200 hits from 6,000, which means our party! We are so close! I also made a benner for my side bar. I just figured it out and it is pretty cool! Just make a picture like I did on paint and then go to and click browse. Click the title of your pic and then click upload on tinypic. It will give you numerous links to copy, but copy the one that says for website. Then paste it into a widget or click html next to visual on a post for your blog, and presto! it’s up.

To get me a more views for the party, I would like you to put my sidebar banner on your website. In return, just comment that you did it with the name of your site, and I will add you to my blogroll! Thanks for helping!

Here is the link to a catalog from a while ago, and pics of the new one. It is kind of like the first play.

Here is the pin:

or is it here?

You’ll just have to look.






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