ninja island is done and catalog is late

3 10 2008

Sorry, I’ve been busy. Here is the catalog and tha glitches, and guess what? The losers of ninja island quit the blog and now I have a lot of extra time, so now I will have time to get Flash. Once I get it, I’m starting my own game. If you have sckills or want to be a mod or beta, then I’ll add you once I get it started. actually, I’ll take ninja island from the top. I’m better than those bozos.

Here are some old pictures from last year:

Since I have all the comments from beta testers, I can add everybody back and MORE people, plus the game will be a lot better. Thanks.




8 responses

4 10 2008

Awesome site and I love the catalog

5 10 2008

hey dathtitchi ite me sorry i now understood the word spam but i need to advertise my site also so i will be still advertising my site but not on your site.

your penguin loving

Thankyou ammeron, sorry ive been a jerk, I understand. I’ll add you to my blogroll to help since i have to take off ninja island

6 10 2008
I Rok Dude


Don’t talk about it I’m SUPER PISSED!

7 10 2008

hey dathritchi when we meet today in the party i will talk with you for a second even go and see what i wrote below your comment and do what it says ok

7 10 2008

hey dathritchi iadded you as an author but now i am not sure if i give you the password or no so today i will talk with you in party and discuss about giving you the password

PS: are you trustworthy so that i shouild give you my password, i do not know because before about a week you treated me very badly but now you are very kind but also keep every moment checking your mail box to see if i send you the password, but i have some rules

1- Do not do anything with the comments eveen if they are spam i will be controling them
2-Sometimes i will edit your posts so dont be sad.

if yuo agree comment at my site

7 10 2008

oh so now you get flash. right

7 10 2008

i send you the pass

7 10 2008
Sam G

I didn’t do anything the staff deleted both! I didn’t mean for it to happen, I didn’t quit yet. I’m gathering a new team thats trustable and we’ll finish =)! The team turned to the gayest game created my Ric POO! Flash Penguins is his game and my staff fled after deleting it and went to see the new booby game. His site is at!
p.s I am really good enemies with Flair cuz he banned me and reported my post.

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