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2 10 2008

Hello, I am coming here to give you the sneak peak of the holloween catalog, and two new cheats for the fall fair. This is a small update, and all of the better stuff is underneath, so look at that too. we got 822 views in September, let’s see if we can break it this month!

Cheat1: double your coins in a fall fair game. Sine the unlimited tickets won’t work anymore, try this! Once you get coins in any game, click super fast as many times as possible, and it will double or triple your coins! If it says this, it means you got away with it and it worked:

Cheat 2: walk on trampoline update! Follow the signs I made on the pic. click in the ballons, and then click the box right of the trampoline. Then click as far as possible to the right closest to the game without it lightind up. Your penguin will move and sit on the trampoline.

Here’s the sneak peak of the Holloween catalog:


I also might be starting a video group with some of my friends from to improve my blog. I am making a poll too about what server I should have my party on! Be sure to vote!





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