forget the odds+rocketsnail+new party items

1 10 2008

Forget the odds, I’m going evens! I’m changing the party from 5,000 hits and aniversary. It will now be even, 6,000 hits, aniversary of the blog, and three year aniversary of club penguin.  I will relese the invitation in mid October.

guess what? Remember Penguin chat and experimental penguins? The first club penguin? The old site that made it is coming back! Rocketsnail has appeared in club penguin many times, such as in the fourth of july, the rocket pin was the rocket on the rocketsnail logo.

The new items for the fall fair have comw out now, and they are pretty much a copy of last year’s. Take a look:

The Club penguin mods have discovered our cheat for unlimited tickets, and have made the grab and spin game unavailable. The quit game button will most likely not be there when they release it. They will probably cover it up by adding new artwork to it. So get ready for a little change on grab and spin. take a look:






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