18 09 2008

darthrichi96 made a mistake. Pirates come on the 19th. The Fall Fair starts next friday, the 26th.

The weird thing is, it says the 19th is the perfect time for pirate penguins to appear. But, it doesn’t say Rockhopper, and his ship is not in view of the telespcope. Very odd if you ask me. I even checked the binoculars to make sure he wasn’t coming to the Cove. His ship was not there.


update: Hey, I just wanted to say hi, and I guess I messed up, and also, Watex’s last party is tommorow, so visit that. I ROK DUDE went to it because he was in a picture. I remember when I was on every picture of wwe adam’s 100,000 its party.




3 responses

18 09 2008

Maybe he’s coming by plane. Hey, airmail!

18 09 2008

wow, you open a package, and WHAM! A penguin pirate comes out and says “Hello, wanna be buddies”? Whaich is exactly what they would say.

18 09 2008

yeah if i was a penguin i would slap one of those pirates

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