sorry for not posting

12 09 2008

Hello. Sorry for not posting. Just so you know Ranger/Uding changed his avatar as did I to some ninja stuff. I also wanted to tell you guys that I am no longer a member, and I won’t be one anymore because it is such a waste of money. Ya I’m still mad at CP for ruining club penguin but were approaching a 1st aniversary of my site AND 5,000 hits and a few weeks, so that’s the reason I go on CP, to do stuff for the blog. I’m really busy right now so I can’t get that descriptive, but there is a new black and white theme at the stage, and there is a new pin coming out in a week. wE are also confirming the new items for a catalog for ninja island. I’m have a lot better ideas I need to tell them, because right now they are trying to make a new club penguin. No one will go to it if it is the ame as CP, but with not as good artwork and white ninjas.






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