misunderstanding and update

2 09 2008

SECOND UPDATE: I’m mad at club penguin. They took off the coin glitch last night and I didn’t get one million coins yet! Only 30,000! I also figured out how they are correcting all the cheats. WITH US!

This is obviously what they are doing. There are 1,000 known and unknown club penguin blogs combining ones made and abandoned and ones still going. They could go to anyone of the blogs and just open up the cheats page. Then they get 30 people to work and correct every single bug by midnight so they can update club penguin and have them gone forever. There goes any point of having a blog for club penguin. I know this because the day mike92 posted about the million coin glitch, the next day it was fixed. So they are probably attending out blogs and finding all these glitches and blogs.

This is how we can foil their plan. Every blog starts a newsletter about cheats and glitches and whenever on is found, we don’t post it, and we e-mail it to everyone who wants it in the newsletter. If you don’t know what a newsletter is, it’s an e-mail to a lot of people that tell you updates and news on new things. We can have the secrets like hidden items on the blog, but just no more cheats on the blog! It’s brilliant isn’t it. Ya I know I’m a genious.

Just so you know, Ranger14, the guy I thought hacked, was really Uding. Since he doen’t go on club penguin much anymore, he changed his name. Just so you know!

Look under this post for the coin glitch! Use it to get a million coins!

Update: Okay, There is a new coin glitch that is working right now, I posted it under this post below the one I thought worked. Please look at it and be carefull doing it! It probably won’t ban you, but they might track all the penguins who did it and bann them for a while so do it at your own risk or make a cheat penguin to test it out with.




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3 09 2008

that’s right say sorry

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